Railway Companies

Iron Dragon
Owner: Warlord Kang (Great Maze)
To build a transcontinental railroad Kang had to buy up the old Chicago and North Western lines and extend them through the Sioux Nations (Dakota, Wyoming, and Montana). This railway notably is the only railway that serves Deadwood and is liable to terminate in Shan Fan rather than Lost Angels.

Owner: Darius Hellstromme, the mad Mormon genius in the City of Gloom (Salt Lake City)
His line runs through the Disputed Territories just south of the Sioux Nation (and just north of the Union Blue line). He uses superior technology and wealth to buy his way westward and his tracks are laid at an astounding pace.

Denver Pacific Railroad
Owner: Smith & Robards, scientific rivals to Hellstromme
This line runs from Denver to virginia City, Nevada and is poised to press on to Lost Angels, Shan Fan, or even Sacramento. This line also lies in territory that Wasatch would like to own.

Union Blue
Owner: Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain, the hero of Gettysburg, is a an honorable chap.
This line runs through the Disputed Territories (Colorado and Kansas) just south of the Wasatch line and. With the absence of Union Troops in these territories, he relies on hired protection as well as the counsel of a mysterious figure known as The Ghost to see his trains safely through this area.

Bayou Vermilion
Owner: Baron Simone LeCroix (New Orleans), very mysterious and reclusive.
Track is laid entirely through Confederate Territory and stretches to the Mojave desert. Not much in terms of financial power, but possesses a tireless workforce – think John Henry…after the fact.

Black River
Owner: Mina Devlin (Memphis), widow to Miles Devlin (assassinated), incredibly vindictive – the Kaiser Soze of the Rail Wars.
Her gangs are some of the meanest in the Rail Wars and. Black River rarely ponies up the cash for right-of-way through a town but rather uses campaigns of seduction, violence, or intimidation. Primarily a southern railroad but has but track runs through disputed territory as well.

Dixie Rails
Owner: Fitzburgh Lee, nephew to the deceased General Robert E. Lee
Underdog in the Rail Wars, although it’s beginning to reclaim ground.

Railway Companies

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