The Wanted

Traitorous US Agents

Pedro “La Pistola” Escobar – 3 Fate Points from Concession / Consequences
A former bandit from the borderlands, Pedro was recruited by the Agency due to his near-unparalleled competence with a sidearm. He’s not the smoothest of operators, but he’s one of the deadliest.
Ace Marksman
Unintentional Blabbermouth
Fabulous dancer

Father Bruin
Also known as the Butcher of Santa Barbara, how the native known only as Father Bruin was able to overpower and slaughter an entire mission is unknown to this day. He’s known to be a man of few words but the verdict’s out on if he’s playing it cool or just has a limited vocabulary.
Holier Than Thou
Wanders the West
California Native
All Braun No Brain

Josephine DeWitt
She made a name for herself in gambling halls as well as houses of ill repute, if you need information just ask Lady J. Unfortunately her adoption records were lost in the conflagration that consumed the orphanage she grew up in.
Smooth-Talking Information Broker
Deft Hands
Traumatic Childhood

The Wanted

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